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Final Film



A BA(Hons) Animation final year project (Sept 2012 – May 2013). This is a short film I co-directed and project managed, about an arrogant Crocodilian Hunter who is looking for the legendary 'Krokodi swamp creature'. This creature turns out to be a were-crocodile called Dee who works in her burger van in the city by day (even the legendary 'Krokodi' needs to earn a living) and returns to her home in the swamp by night. When Dee and the Hunter meet, comedic chaos ensues...

Working on this project allowed me to develop my 3D Generalist skills for creating a 3D animated film.

My roles included:

  • Co-Director

  • Production Manager

  • Script Writer

  • Animatic

  • Storyboards

  • 3D Environment Artist for the Town -- Modelling, UV-mapping and Texturing

  • Lead Lighting Artist

  • Rigging and Blendshapes for the Hunter

  • 3D Cinematography

  • Lead Render Co-ordinator

  • Lead Compositor


Software used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut.


I contributed to the project's blog and wrote detailed posts throughout production of the process in creating this film. These can be viewed HERE.


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